The performance of a fashion brand lies in its ability to simultaneously have solid logistics and trendy products in the right stores with loyal, increasingly digitalized customers.
But also to have the right products in the right quantity !

Demand Forecast by Fashion Data, allows to accurately calculate sales of future collections, by item-size-color, in order to buy and manufacture only what the brand is able to sell.

Target / Benefits

Target: estimate the true sales potential of every refco considering the past stock out, store closing (bank holidays, one-off events, renovation works…) and promotion impact, at the week & store level. 


  • Minimize lost sales
  • Reduce Markdown rate
  • Control Leftovers
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Increase Turnover & Margin
“With Demand Forecast, I have simple and intuitive tool allowing me to calculate accurately the quantity I need to order for every SKU..”
Sandro, Merch'Planner

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